Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fellowship of the Ex-Presidents

Oh, to be a fly on that wall for that conversation...

But my absolute favorite is sitting president W's excitement in counting himself as a member of the ex-president's club.

But body language says a lot. I'm not sure why Obama and W. were centered the way they were. Carter the furthest away from Clinton for the photo op. Bush Sr. far away from Bush Jr, seperated by Obama. Like a child separating bickering divorced parents to keep the peace. In another video, as the photographers start to leave, and questions hurled at the presidents past, present and future, the awkward family dynamic persists, Clinton comments to W. about how much he liked the rug in the Oval Office. Carter stands and smiles longer, and is off to the far left of screen. Bush Sr. and Obama smile at each other. In the theater of American politics, it's nice to know that you can never really escape the awkward and dysfunctional family drama.

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