Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do More...

Beyonce was inspired.

You could feel it. The President and First Lady felt it. So much so, that they had to end their little, sexy two-step slow dance groove to acknowledge it. She found her voice.

And then some:

"He makes me want to be smarter, to get involved..."

President Obama has certainly inspired millions. But she's fortunate just to look at her own husband, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter. His most inspired act as mogul and musician was a couple of years ago where he teamed up with the UN bought pumps to help supply potable water to an Angolan slum in sub-Saharan Africa, and then shot a documentary with MTV called Water for Life in 2006.

From that experience, Jay-Z has said "I come from Marcy Projects in Brooklyn which is a tough place to grow up, but this has shown me how good we have it...take it from me, you're not from the hood. You haven't seen people with no access to water. It really puts things into perspective."

Seriously, B? Obama isn't the only model for change to look toward.

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Nick (CFKS) said...

Water issues are coming more and more to light. Clean Water resources are a huge concern right now. I should know, I hail from Appalachia where the practice of Mountaintop Removal is destroying entire ecosystems and burying and poisoning thousands of miles of streams. This is dangerous because Appalachia is the watershed for 3/4 the East Coast. What gets in the water there travels all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. Not only that, but The Appalachian Mountain Range is one of the largest fresh water resources in America. That bottled water everybody loves so much, that clean water that you cook, clean, wash dishes, and shower with... don't get used to it, cause if this keeps up there will be no plentiful sources of water. Think about that. It's a big deal. There is a lot of talk about the possibility of the next war in this world could be fought over water. Wild isn't it? Anyway, good post.