Saturday, February 28, 2009

If It's Magic...

Stevie Wonder was just honored this week with the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for the Popular Song. Yes, there is such a thing. Awesome, yes?

Admittedly, I feel a special kinship to Stevie and his music. My namesake comes from a woman who was one of his collaborators and was once his wife. There's a whole generation of women named Syreeta. I had almost forgotten that fact, but remembered while watching The Namesake this morning. And for that, let me be one of the Syreetas to give thanks to the maestro and his muse for inspiring love that brought us and our names into being.

Not too long ago a friend sent me this that showcases the badassness of Stevie.

Seriously, anybody who can rock out on Sesame Street like that deserves all the accolades that we the people can heap on him.

Stevie's songbook is extensive. And I have far too many favorites to name. But I want to put a spotlight on "As", commonly known as "Always". It's the classic soundtrack to any family reunion. And with good reason. This song is so dope because it can lift you up from any bad mood or malaise. No worries about all the troubles surrounding you, and this world may fall away and a new one may begin. The economy may be a shitshow and you're out of a job, but Love... Love is timeless, unconditional and everlasting. You are not alone.

Congratulations Stevie.

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